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Business Overview and Advantage

Our Position in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group

Company Consolidation

Our company was established in October 2017 by restructuring and merging stable, profitable small and medium-sized businesses.


Table showing Our Position in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group

Cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

We receive support from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as an operating company, including financial support, corporate functions, R&D functions, etc. Briefly put, we operate as one with MHI.

Our Strength

Trend in Sales

We have steadily expanded the scale of our businesses and strengthened the financial standings. (Trend in Sales)

Sales Trend Graph

Aggregation of Technology

The range of businesses, products, and technologies we work with is the largest among all companies in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group. The comprehensive strength of our machinery, structure, and control technologies gives us an unmatched ability to propose products and total solutions to meet the broad needs of customers.

Illustration representing the aggregation of our technologies and the comprehensive strengths of our machinery, structures, and controls