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(As of April, 2020)

  • Internal Control Department
Safety and Quality Administrative Division Safety,Health and Environmental Administrative Department
Quality Management Department
Management Control Division Planning & Accounting Department
General Affairs Department
Procurement & Sourcing Division Procurement Planning & Administration Department
Materials & Equipment Procurement Department
Subcontract Department
Sales Headquarters Eastern Japan Branch
Western Japan Branch
ITS Sales Department
Machinery Systems Sales Department
Food & Industral Machinery Sales Department
Parking & Steel Structures Sales Department
Hydraulics & Machinery Sales Department
Printing & Packaging Machinery Sales Department
ITS Division Next Generation ERP Project Office
Planning & Administration Department
Quality Assurance Department
Engineering Department
Manufacturing Department
After Sales Service Department
Infrastructure Facilities Business Division Planning & Administration Department
Project Promotion Department
Quality Assurance Department
Facilities Engineering Department
Machinery Engineering Department
Precision Mechanics Engineering Department
Motion Engineering Department
Structures Engineering Department
Parking System Engineering Department
Industrial Machinery Engineering Department
Electricity & Control Systems Engineering Department
Production Control Department
Facilities Construction Department
Customer Relation Department
Printing & Packaging Machinery Headquarters Planning & Administration Department
Customer Service Department
Quality Assurance Department
Engineering Department
Production Control Department
Production Department