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Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. recognizes that conserving the invaluable global environment is a vital task for all of humanity in the spirit of “Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group's Basic Policy on Environmental Matters”. The company aspires to help create a sustainable society and deploys its entire organization to conserve the environment and lower the company's impact upon it through the business activities while every one of us is conscious of being a member of society.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. conducts environmental management activities according to the following policy in order to help conserve the environment and reduce the environmental impacts of all of its activities.

  1. Ever aware of the environmental effects of our activities, products, and services, we work to continuously improve our environmental management activities and promote measures to prevent pollution and conserve the environment.
    Furthermore, activities to conserve the environment include to harness of sustainable resources, easing and/or corresponding climate fluctuation and so on.
  2. We adhere to environmental obligations as required by law and elsewhere as they relate to all our activities, products and services.
  3. We mitigate and improve the environmental effects of our activities, products and services by promoting the following measures focused on our environmental management targets.
    1. Encouraging lower environmental impact of products
    2. Environmental conservation and improvement activities at local construction sites
    3. Environmental conservation activities at each workplace etc.: training, workplace cleanup, etc.
    4. Promoting energy saving
    5. Further saving resources
    6. Preventing waste generation
  4. We make our environmental policy known to everyone in our organization and available to the general public in order to improve environmental awareness and encourage good practices that reduce environmental impacts.

We set targets that we regularly review and promote environmental management so that we can successfully carry out this policy.

April 1, 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. Mamoru Hasegawa, President

Environmental Policy for Products

The following environmental policy has been established for the products listed below based on the Environmental Policy of the Company.

Guidelines on Environmental Activities for ITS products

The guidelines below have been established to shape and direct the environmental activities performed for our ITS products. Environmental activities based on the guidelines are performed to contribute to society by providing high-quality products and services and realizing environment-friendly and highly reliable ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) based on our management philosophy of “Contributing to society by providing products of excellent quality and high-quality services”:

  1. Position efforts to conserve the environment as top-priority management challenges and work actively to conserve and improve the environment.
  2. Fulfill our social responsibilities and comply with laws and regulations, ordinances, and other requirements related to environment conservation. At the same time, strive to improve our environmental performance by setting independent targets, operating and evaluating the targets and continuously improving our environmental management system.

April 1, 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. General Manager of the ITS Business, HIROYUKI SHUTO

Quality and Environment Policy for Food Packaging Machine Products

  1. Offer customers reliable and safe products that can be used easily and conveniently for many years.
  2. Contribute to the global environment by developing environment-friendly products.
  3. Seek coexistence with society through compliance with laws and regulations and strive to prevent pollution, reduce environmental burdens, and protect the global environment.
  4. Strive to be a company that is always trusted by society while continuing our efforts to improve quality and our environmental management system.

April 1, 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. Person Responsible for Food Wrapping Machines and Related Products, SHINICHI HIZUME

Environment Policy for Newspaper Rotary Press and Paper-Making Machine Products

  1. Basic Policy
    Help to build a sustainably developing society by striving to reduce burdens on the environment in all of the business areas in which we engage while offering environment-friendly products and services. Strive to protect the environment by using environment-friendly methods and raw materials and constantly seeking to develop environment-friendly technologies.
  2. Action Guideline
    1. Achieve the environment policy by properly understanding impacts imposed on the environment in the processes to design, produce, distribute, and service our products (environmental aspects sampling) and setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets (improvement execution plans) to the extent technically and economically possible while encouraging all employees to strive for the ongoing enhancement and improvement of the environment.
    2. Comply with environment-related laws and regulations, ordinances, and other agreements, establish independent standards if necessary, operate and evaluate them, and strive to cooperate with local communities.
    3. Strive to prevent environmental pollution in all business areas, preferentially deal with the following sources of environment impact, and fully recognize that all of the businesses of our respective departments play a direct role in our efforts to “reduce burdens on the environment.”
      1. Engineering Department and Production Management Department: Strive for “water pollution control” of industrial wastewater and for the “reduction of burdens on the environment” by “reducing man-hours,” “practicing environment-conscious procurement,” and making efficient “production plans and man-hour management plans.”
      2. After Sales Service Department (including the sales department): Strive to propose new types of services and actively sell “environment-friendly products” that lead to “reductions in customers' environmental loads.” At the same time, strive to “reduce burdens on the environment” by adhering to “eco-driving” practices when using company-owned cars at branch offices.
      3. Quality Assurance Department and Engineering Department: Recognize that “cost reduction = reduction of burdens on the environment” while striving to “reduce burdens on the environment” by developing and designing “environment-friendly products.”
      4. Planning & Administration Department: Strive to “enhance the environmental consciousness” of all the employees through environmental education and actively transmit environment-related information.
    4. This Environment Policy will be made public.

June 10, 2019
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd.
General Manager, Printing & Packaging Machinery Headquarters, Kunio Niuchi

Other Products

The “Environmental Policy of the Company” applies to machine devices, steel structures, and parking products. The “MHI Group Basic Policy on Environmental Matters,” meanwhile, applies to hydraulic and machinery products.

The MHI Group Basic Policy on Environmental Matters (moved to another site)