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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Basic Policies

In various aspects of our business activities we contribute to create a society that is safe and possible of continuous development by engaging in people-friendly management while valuing human life and strengthening precautions against injury and sickness, as well as by developing and offering technologies and products with forethought given to occupational health and safety.

Policies for Activities

  1. We establish occupational health and safety management systems with clear responsibilities and roles, and comply with relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and other requirements.
  2. In order to minimize the risks to mental and physical well-being due to business activities, we closely analyze and assess the impact they have on people, and establish the adequate guidelines for occupational health and safety within feasible technologically and economically activities, while also striving to prevent work accidents, other accidents and occupational diseases by regularly reviewing and continuously improving these guidelines too.
    1. We work to improve equipment and construction methods that could have an effect on human mind and body.
    2. We recognize that it may contain latent risk to cause serious disasters even if manufacturing and construction of our products in any situation, so we endeavor to maintain management that the safety takes top priority.
    3. While working to prevent occupational illnesses, we also promote sound physical health and pleasant working environments.
    4. Based on society's needs, we design, develop and offer products that users can utilize with a sense of reassurance and that contribute to reducing various risks to mental and physical health.
  3. We work to improve understanding of these guidelines and raise awareness about occupational health and safety among all employees through training, in-house publicity and other means.

These guidelines are available to customers and the general public.

July 1, 2018
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, Ltd. Mamoru Hasegawa, President