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MHI-MS Plays a Big Role in the Launch of the Very First RFID ETC System in Malaysia

On August 14, ETC system utilizing RFID (Note) that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems (MHI-MS) developed was launched as a pilot at Gombak Toll Plaza, Malaysia. This successful commencement of RFID ETC system marked a new chapter in the history of tolling industry in Malaysia.
RFID is a technology that is commonly used to control and track goods by attaching IC tag and is broadly used in the logistics field. Owing to the features of tamper proof, security protection, and similar function as an On Board Unit, RFID is a recent trend in the toll collection field around the world as well.
MHI-MS had first piloted the RFID ETC system to Malaysia in 2015 and had conducted several technical trials under various conditions. With the new pilot program initiated at Gombak Toll Plaza, the ETC operation kicked-off with exempted vehicles and will gradually expand to other types of vehicles in the coming few months.
MHI-MS will continuously work with the local partners and bring the better transportation environment together.

  • RFID:Radio Frequency Identification

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Gobmak Toll Plaza with RFID ETC system