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Deck Crane[ Hydraulic machinery ]

Mitsubishi Intelligent Deck Crane & Deck Machinery

Photograph of the Deck Crane
SMART MODERNization by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Deck Crane & Deck Machinery achieve “high reliability” and “reduced life-cycle costs” with following three features:

  1. High reliability based on a “simple is best” design philosophy
  2. State-of-the-art technologies to back the development of related products and services
  3. Professional after-sales service.

Deck Crane

Line Up

We respond to the customer's needs with an abundant crane lineup ranging from the standard 30 tons class to a heavy duty type.

Standard Crane
30 tons/36 tons/40 tons
Heavy duty Crane
50 tons/100 tons
Synchronized Crane
50 tons × 3
Twin Crane
60 tons (30.5 tons × 2) /72 tons (36 tons × 2)

State-of-the-art Technology/Approach

We always offer superior products and services with help from our state-of-the-art technologies.
This is our most important policy.

Data Logging Function

Enables the recording of basic operation data as standard, including handle operations, operation modes, limit actuation status, etc. With options enabling the recording of hydraulic pressure and operation speed selected, the added data on device conditions reduces life-cycle costs and streamlines the troubleshooting process. Remote monitoring is also possible by integrating a cabin monitoring camera into the system.

Operation Data from Data Logging (Example)
Image recorded from the Cabin
Monitoring Camera

Smart Upgrade

Upgrade items can be additionally installed as retrofit, as required in response to customer feedback on operational problems, stevedore claims, etc.
We help to maximize the customers' profits by reducing non-operation risk and further streamlining maintenance by applying customizations optimally suited to the customer's needs.

  • Load Indicator

    Image of the Load Indicator
  • Speed & hydraulic pressure recorder

    Image of the Speed & Hydraulic Pressure Recorder

A wide array of items are provided, including a load meter (left) to confirm hoisting loads in real time within the cabin, a portable recorder (right) to record and check the speed and hydraulic pressure of cranes operating on in-service vessels, etc.

Parts Supply Support

Genuine, high-quality wire rope and slewing bearings, etc. are offered at reasonable prices. We support stable service after inauguration while offering advice based on our years of experience.

Deck Machinery

Various types are provided in accordance with the hull forms. Our deck machinery has an established reputation based on over 50 years of performance results.

Mooring Winch
Rated Load: 100 to 250kN
Drum Diameter: 410 to 460 millimeter
Rated Load: 171 to 650kN
Chain Diameter: 60 to 117 millimeter

Hose Handling Crane

Our hydraulic technology and simple structure have gained high reliability.

Cylinder Type
10 tons/15 tons/20 tons

Overseas Licensee

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries licensed its deck crane technology to a Chinese company in 2008. The company launched supplying high-quality deck cranes to shipbuilding yards in China from 2009 under MHI's technical support. After that, MHI licensed its deck machinery and hose handling crane technology to expand its lineups.

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Fabrication Shop (Welding)
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