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Mitsubishi FG Pump[ Hydraulic machinery ]

Reciprocating Piston Hydraulic Pump

Photograph of Mitsubishi FG Pump
Reciprocating Piston Hydraulic Pump

Backed by the abundant experience and technology we have garnered as a producer of Mitsubishi Janet Pumps, we have attained a solid reputation as manufacturer and seller of high-performance FG pumps that run at pressures of up to 49.0 MPa.

Feature/Internal Structure

Internal Structure
  • High Pressure

    Runs at pressures of up to 49.0 MPa at maximum.

  • High Performance

    Extremely high total efficiency.

  • Durability

    Robust and of long-living.

  • Compact design

    Simple and compact structure.

  • Extensive Series

    The lineup is finely serialized for optimal response to any plan, ranging from a small-capacity type (1.89 cm3/rev.) to large-capacity type (288.64 cm3/rev.).

  • Low Acoustic Noise


  • Hydraulic source for driving the actuators of steel-making machinery
  • Hydraulic source for driving hydraulic jacks
Iron and steel machinery