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Bracket Dimensions[ Mitsubishi MK Pump ] [ Hydraulic machinery ]

Bracket Dimensions

Bracket Dimensional Drawing

Unit: millimeter

Bracket Dimensions 1

Slide horizontally to see the table.

MKV-08HE 28024654253150231702101401962241927
MKV-11H 30026458255160251902241502182402030
MKV-16NE 33029464300180272202501702502702232
MKV-23H-NE 36032070319200302382701902723002535
MKV-33H 41036080359225352683062153103352540
MKV-55HE 48043090440265403183602543644003546

Bracket Dimensions 2

Slide horizontally to see the table.

Model abcd
MKV-08HE M1421832
MKV-11H M1621832
MKV-16NE M182.52036
MKV-23H-NE M202.52240
MKV-33H M222.52443
MKV-55HE M243.02645
  • Please inquire about type ME.