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Flange Dimensions[ Mitsubishi MK Pump ] [ Hydraulic machinery ]

Insert Pipe Fitting
Butt-Welding Pipe Fitting

Unit: millimeter

Suction (SAE 3,000 Psi, Insert Pipe Fitting)

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Model ABCDEFGHBoltO-ring
MKV-08 10850.811588.924.51277.163.5M12 × 40AS568-232 Hardness Hs70
MKV-11 10850.811588.924.51277.163.5M12 × 40AS568-232 Hardness Hs70
MKV-16 13061.9135106.324.51490.176.2M16 × 45AS568-237 Hardness Hs70
MKV-23 13061.9135106.324.51490.176.2M16 × 45AS568-237 Hardness Hs70
MKV-33 13969.9152120.739.023102.586.0M16 × 60AS568-241 Hardness Hs70
MKV-55 15077.8162130.239.023115.4101.6M16 × 60AS568-246 Hardness Hs70

Delivery (SAE 6,000 Psi, Insert Pipe Fitting)

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Model ABCDEFGHBoltO-ring
MKV-08 69.927.881.057.2251034.525.0M12 × 40AS568-219 Hardness Hs90
MKV-11 69.927.881.057.2251034.525.0M12 × 40AS568-219 Hardness Hs90
MKV-16 77.831.895.366.7251443.231.8M14 × 45AS568-222 Hardness Hs90
MKV-23 77.831.895.366.7251443.231.8M14 × 45AS568-222 Hardness Hs90
MKV-33 95.336.5112.779.4301949.138.1M16 × 55AS568-225 Hardness Hs90
MKV-55 114.344.5133.496.8402261.150.8M20 × 65AS568-225 Hardness Hs90

Delivery (SAE 6,000 Psi, Butt-welding pipe fitting)

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Model JKLMNPQRBoltO-ring
MKV-08 69.927.881.057.2482534.021.2M12 × 40AS568-219 Hardness Hs90
MKV-11 69.927.881.057.2482534.021.2M12 × 40AS568-219 Hardness Hs90
MKV-16 77.831.895.366.7532542.729.9M14 × 45AS568-222 Hardness Hs90
MKV-23 77.831.895.366.7532542.729.9M14 × 45AS568-222 Hardness Hs90
MKV-33 95.336.5112.779.4583048.634.4M16 × 55AS568-225 Hardness Hs90
MKV-55 φ14044.5φ14096.8684060.543.1M20 × 65AS568-228 Hardness Hs90
  • Flanges are provided with bolts and O-rings.
    In case the operating pressure is under 22.6MPa, please apply the insert pipe fitting. The butt-welding pipe fitting is recommendable in case the operating pressure is over 22.6MPa.