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Leisure Facilities and Attractions[ Culture & Sports ]

Mitsubishi Entertainment Complex

Photograph of leisure facilities and attractions
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries uses advanced comprehensive technologies to evolve amusement pastimes.

A new entertainment complex has emerged from a fusion of our accumulated technologies and knowhow with various amusement software.
Our unique technical systems are evolving amusement spaces.

Large-diameter centerless Ferris wheel

In May of 2005 we expanded the LaQua commercial facilities in Tokyo Dome City by installing “Big O,” the world's first Ferris wheel with a hollow, open-air center. The structure was achieved by devising extremely robust support and ring structures with the same technologies used to move huge structures such as multipurpose dome retractable roofs with tires and rails. A roller coaster track passes through the hollow center of the wheel.

The “Big-O” concept for the world's first centerless Ferris wheel was impressive not for its installation within a limited site area in central Tokyo, but for the “O” shape of the structure. Big-O is a very popular new symbol of the Tokyo Dome City. Thrill seekers que for about 45 to 60 minutes to ride the wheel on weekends.

Driving mechanism for the centerless Ferris wheel

Illustration of the driving mechanism for the centerless Ferris wheel