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Examples and Achievements[ Retractable Roof for Domes and Stadiums ] [ Culture & Sports ]

Major achievements


Photograph of FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME (retractable roof for domes and stadiums)
Completion date Mar, 1993
Driving system Multi mode
Span 213m

We delivered Japan's first retractable roof for a large-scale dome. The roof is divided into three sections designed to turn around the center.

Ariake Coliseum

Photograph of Ariake Coliseum (retractable roof for domes and stadiums)
Completion date Apr, 1991
Driving system Horizontal slide
Span 136m

The all-weather court in Ariake Tennis Forest Park, a venue for major tennis events in Japan.
A wire-driven, slide-type retractable roof is installed.

Tajima Dome

Photograph of Tajima Dome (retractable roof for domes and stadiums)
Completion date Oct, 1998
Driving system Circling slide type

The retractable roof of the structure is fashioned in a form evocative of a mountain lodge. The roof and side wall move together.
A multipurpose dome with an open feeling, designed to deliver extensive energy-saving and environmental benefits.

SeaGaia Miyazaki Ocean Dome

Photograph of SeaGaia Miyazaki Ocean Dome (retractable roof for domes and stadiums)
Completion date Jul, 1993
Driving system Horizontal slide type
Span 110m

A leisure facility equipped with an all-weather retractable roof and the world's largest wave generating machine.
Two of the four roof panels slide to the right; the other two slide to the left.