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Approach to Private Finance Initiatives (PFI)[ Culture & Sports ]

A private finance initiative (PFI) is a way of creating “public-private partnerships” (PPPs) where private firms are contracted to complete and manage public projects. The private firm in a PFI manages, operates, and maintains facilities more effectively, using its funds and knowhow in place of the government's.

Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Forest central green space
Sports Health Promotion Facilities Development project

Photograph of project activities to develop the Hyogo Prefectural Amagasaki Forest Central Green Space Sports Health Promotion Facilities

A project to develop health promotion facilities with a main swimming pool on the premises of the Amagasaki Sports Forest Central Green Space, a “Health and Culture Forest” modeled after the “Amagasaki 21st Century Forest” concept to revive natural greenery on the Amagasaki waterfront and develop the town in harmony with the environment. The main pool was used as a venue for competition swimming and synchronized swimming at the Hyougo National Athletic Meet.

Main pool building (External appearance: East-northeast side)
Main pool (from the south starting block)

Outline of PFI

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Location Amagasaki City, Hyogo
Client Hyogo
Design and supervision Kankyo Design Kenkyujo
Delivery year & month May 2006
Business period December 2003 to March 2023 (for about 20 years)
Business scheme BTO scheme
Facility specification Area "Site area: 34,978m2
Building area: 10.258m2
Total floor area: 16,029m2
Number of floors One floor underground, three floors above ground
Height 18.7m
Structure Reinforced-concrete structure + steel construction
  • Main pool and sub pool roofs
Main facilities Main pool [Internationally certified 50m×25m] Total 10 lanes/certified 8 lanes
Conversion floor, divided into 4
  • when converted to an ice skating rink: rink size: 60m × 30m
Main pool spectator seats Main stands: 1,543 seats
Sub stands: 460 seats
Sub pool
[Domestically certified 25m × 35m]
Total 14 lanes/certified 12 lanes
Conversion floor divided into 2
Sub pool spectator seats 320 seats
Warm bath facility Jacuzzi
Fitness Training room, studio
Water park Shinsui Park (summer and fall), outdoor pool
(Summer: wave pool, running water pool, slider, etc.)
Futsal court Exclusive court: 3
Ground golf 2 courses (total 16 halls)
Mori-no-Kodomo Square Net playground equipment, all-weather play space with playground equipment for children of various ages
Parking lot 260 lots in total
Main pool building
Sub pool building, Nojigiku Square, Grand staircase
Main pool
Ice skating rink

Operating company: Amagasa Health Forest, Co., Ltd.

Amagasaki Sports Forest