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The New National Theatre, Tokyo Opera House[ Examples and Achievements ] [ Theater and Stage Machinery System ] [ Culture & Sports ]

Photograph of the New National Theatre, Tokyo, Opera House
Completion date Apr, 1997 Number of seats 1,810 seats
Stage Machinery System

Japan's first dedicated opera and ballet theater incorporating state-of-the-art technology for full computer control. The floor facilities consist of four stages: the main stage, right and left stages, and upper stage.
The main elevator stage has a sloping function adjustable up or down by up to 10°. A turntable is installed in the upper stage. Fly facilities with 59 battens are provided for the main stage.
With help from its precise control system and adjustable floor and fly facilities, the stage machinery system performs on par with the systems in place in world's most famous theater venues.

Opera House with 1,810 seats
Overall view of the front and inner stages
Main elevator stage (lowered)
Opera curtain and orchestra elevator stage
Fly facilities directly above the stage
From the fly facilities to the pit (bottom floor of the main stage)


Slide horizontally to see the table.

Floor facilities Main stage Large elevator stage (with sloping function, chain driven) 5 sets
Subsiding elevator floor [Stage right] 5 units [Stage left] 5 units [Back] 1 unit 11 sets
Forestage sloping floor 3 sets
Back curtain stored 1 sets
Side stage (Right/left) Tracking wagon [stage right] 5 units [stage left] 5 units [chain driven] 10 sets
Subsiding elevator floor [right] 5 units [left] 5 units 10 sets
Up stage Sliding stage wagon [turntable installed/chain driven] 1 sets
Subsiding elevator floor 6 sets
Orchestra pit Orchestra elevator stage 1 sets
Lifting handrail 1 sets
Fly facilities Main stage Fire shutter Electric 1 sets
Batten Electric 59 sets
Panoramic batten Electric 8 sets
Light bridge Electric 3 sets
Horizontal light bridge Electric 1 sets
Portal bridge Electric 1 sets
Portal tower Electric 2 sets
Lifting ladder Electric 8 sets
Opera curtain Electric 1 sets
Blackout curtain Electric 1 sets
Sound insulation curtain Electric 1 sets
Movable one-point suspension Electric 11 sets
Fixed one-point suspension Electric 14 sets
Side stage Acoustic insulation shutter [stage right] 1 set [stage left] 1 set Electric 2 sets
Batten [stage right] 6 sets [stage left] 6 sets Electric 12 sets
Up stage Acoustic insulation shutter Electric 1 sets
Batten Electric 6 sets
East-west batten Electric 4 sets