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National Center for the Performing Arts Opera House (Beijing)[ Examples and Achievements ] [ Theater and Stage Machinery System ] [ Culture & Sports ]

Photograph of the National Center for the Performing Arts (Beijing)
Completion date Sep, 2007 Number of seats 2,500 seats
Sophisticated stage machinery system capable of responding to any stage direction.

The national theater and opera house near Tiananmen Square in Beijing is outfitted with 4 stages mainly used for opera and ballet performances.
The forefront technologies designed into the stage machinery system respond to demanding stage directions at the highest level.

Photograph of the stage machinery system at the National Center for the Performing Arts (Beijing)


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Floor facilities Main stage elevator (18.6m×3.2m)
- Chain drive, Counter weight method (MU-ML4)
- Raking deck, Safety net, Safety fence, Lock pin, Automatic storage of trap
6 sets
Rear sliding stage (18.6m×18.6m)
- Travel-on-truck-rail type (MU-RW3)
- Revolving wagon (Inner disk and Outer ring), Lock pin, Trap
1 set
Side stage wagon (18.2m×3.6m, 200mm in thickness)
- Chain drive (MU-SW5)
12 sets
Under rear stage wagon (18.6m×15.5m, 18.6m×3.1m) 2 sets
Compensator lift (Forestage with raking deck, Main stage, Rear Stage, Side stage), Orchestra pit elevator with conductor lift, Lift for soft scenery storage, Seating wagon, Trap lift
Fly facilities Powered flying bar (MO-BHRW3) 62 sets
Free single point hoist (MO-FPH4) 40 sets
Tracked point hoist (MO-RPH1) 78 sets
Safety and Acoustic curtain 4 sets
Portal tower, Portal lighting bridge 3 sets
House curtain 1 set
Cyclorama bar 2 sets
Lighting bridge 5 sets
Side lighting ladder 10 sets
Side powered flying bar 4 sets
Side and Rear suspension 20 sets
Rear stage powered flying bar 12 sets
Draw curtain, Cyclorama lighting bridge, Flying mechanism