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Examples and Achievements[ ITS ]

Map of ITS deployment: examples and achievements

We introduce technologies and expertise abroad from the very early days. Our products and systems have contributed to be development of road transportation in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries. By leveraging network throughout the world, we will continue to provide solutions and contribute to the further development of society around the globe.

RUC/Congestion Charging

[ Singapore since1998 ]

Photograph: an example of RUC/Road User Charging

In Singapore, Electric Road Pricing (ERP) was introduced in order to control the volume of traffic and reduce congestion. We also won the next-generation ERP system.

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MLFF System

[ Malaysia since 1985 ]

Photograph: an example of ETC Systemdeployment overseas

We began proof of concept for a Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) tolling system in Malaysia from 2015. The system helps to mitigate traffic congestion by allowing multi lane non-stop gantry tolling.

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Single lane ETC System

[ Vietnam since 2015 ]

Photograph: an example of ETC System deployment overseas

We deliver Global ETC in Vietnam to reduce traffic congestion on expressways.

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HTMS/Highway Traffic Management System

[ Sri Lanka since 2014 ]

Photograph: an example of HTMS/Traffic Control deployment

We delivered a Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) in Sri Lanka. The system will help to prevent congestions and accidents.

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Smart Community Management

[ Spain since 2011 ]

Photograph: an xample of Smart Community/Electric Vehicle Operation Management System deployment

We demonstrated our “demand response” solutions to maintain the electricity demand-supply balance in Malaga, Spain.

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ETC System

[ Japan ]

Photograph: an example of Domestic ETC System deployment

Our company has been providing one-stop service for roadside equipment and tollgate equipment since Japan introduced an ETC system based on a unified national standard in 1999.

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