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Smart Community Management[ ITS ]

Malaga, Spain ZEM2ALL Project

Photograph of the ZEM2ALL Project in Malaga, Spain

Project overview

The ZEM2ALL (The Zero Emission Mobility to All) project was lead under the initiative of New Energy and Industrial Development Organization (NEDO) in Malaga, Spain. Three Japanese companies including MHIMS, the municipal government in Malaga, Spain and local Spanish corporations conducted the pilot.

In this project, demand response (Note) analysis was conducted using a test system that was mainly consisted from EVs, quick charger and EV management centers.
Based on our abundant experience with ITS Projects, MHIMS took the lead of the Japanese team. We have managed the EV data provided On-Board-Units (OBU) and quick chargers systems powered by battery.
The five years pilot project for EV operation management System is contributing to realize ideal smart communities in the future.

  • Maintaining a balance between power demand and power supply by avoiding EV charging when demand for electricity is high, and encouraging to charge EVs when the demand is low.

Masdar City, UAE

Photograph of the Masdar City Project, UAE

Project overview

This project was aimed to create reliable public transportation system by integrating our EV management system with the existing transportation infrastructures of Masdar City. We have also provided EVs and quick charger systems.
The EV management system is a system which gathers positioning information and travel distance collected by OBU installed on the EV and provides the users with various information such as when and where to charge the EV, and the route to the nearest charging point.
The site was located in Masdar City where eco-friendly city without fossil fuel has been built. The city is also known for having the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
Even after the project has ended, EVs are still used as major transportation mode to travel in the city, to Abu Dhabi International Airport, and neighboring cities.

Keihanna, Japan

Photograph of the Keihannna Project in Kyoto, Japan

Project overview

In “Keihanna Eco-City Next Generation Energy Society System Inspection Project” which was conducted in Keihanna Science City (Kyoto, Japan), a demand response analysis was performed by three Japanese companies including MHIMS.
For the demand response analysis of transportation, EV users receive notification of when and where to charge EV in accordance with target values for power demand. Specifically, EV users could choose three levels of power supplies from quick chargers to normal chargers. Peak shaving of electricity was exercised by advising users not to charge when the supply-demand is extremely high. We have collected and analyzed the charging data from each charger, and earned knowledge for organizing and optimizing the configuration of charging infrastructures.