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Steel Penstocks[ Industrial Equipment ]

Mitsubishi's Steel Penstocks

Photograph of the Steel Penstock
Abundant experience and advanced technologies for connecting massive steel pipes

Hydraulic power generation, the generation of electricity using hydraulic pressure, has been supporting people's lives from the earliest days of electrical power. We take pride in our track record of delivering penstocks extending a combined length of 80,000 kilometers or more to customers at home and abroad. Our company has played a key role in the following power plant construction projects throughout Japan: Okumino Pumped Storage Power Station (Gifu Prefecture), Kannagawa Hydroelectric Power Station (Gunma Prefecture), Omarugawa Pumped Storage Power Station (Miyazaki Prefecture), Tokuyama Power Station (Gifu Prefecture), etc.

Our experience with steel penstocks composed of “high-tensile-strength steel” favored by excellent strength and endurance is especially abundant.

This kind of work requires scrupulous know-how and technology in processes such as temperature control during welding, etc. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems is Japan's only company experienced with steel penstocks composed of the high-tensile-strength steel known as “100 kg/mm2 steel.”