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Auto Splicer[ Corrugating Machinery ] [ Printing & Paper Converting Machinery ]

Auto Splicer model model 63-1J/53-1D

Max. splicing speed: 640m/min World's Fastest!
No wrinkle, tension pick-up and control out-feed paper.

Double dance roll system with 6.1m length frame

63-1J Auto Splicer/53-1D Auto Splicer
63-1J Auto Splicer/53-1D Auto Splicer


Slide horizontally to see the table.

Machine Type 63-1J Auto splicer 53-1D Auto splicer
Max. Splicing Speed 640m(25.20”)/min(note 1) 350m(13.78”)/min(note 1)
Machine Width 1,800mm (70.87”), 2,000mm (78.74”), 2,200mm (86.61”), 2,500mm (98.43”)
Max.Paper Width 1,300mm (51.18”) 1,524mm (60.00”)
Max. Splicing Speed on Tail Catcher Splicing Mode 300m(11.81”)/min 300m(11.81”)/min (note 2)
  • Double (2rolls) dancer roll system
  • Tension pick-up roll and control device
  • Tail catcher splicing control
  • Double (2rolls) dancer roll system
  • Tail catcher splicing control
  • Triple (3rolls) dancer roll or quadrapull (4rolls) dancer roll
  • Remaining paper length splicing speed
  • 1This speed is when you adopted optional specification.
  • 2For Max. paper width 1,300mm.

63-1J Auto splicer: Specification of flame length/Number of dancer

Depending on flame length/number of dancer roll, we can offer following Max. splicing speed.

Slide horizontally to see the table.

Flame length Number of dancer roll
2 rolls 3 rolls 4 rolls
4,560mm 350m(13.78”)/min 425m(16.73”)/min 475m(18.70”)/min
5,150mm 385m(15.16”)/min 465m(19.10”)/min 525m(20.67”)/min
6,660mm - 560m(22.05”)/min 640m(25.20”)/min

Specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice and without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.