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Double Facer[ Corrugating Machinery ] [ Printing & Paper Converting Machinery ]

Double Facer model 66H/56H

A wide variety of papers and flutes can be produced stably at high speed! Non-crushing ballast mechanism and low noise!

56H Double facer


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Machine Type 66H Double facer 56H Double facer
Max. Machine Speed 400m(15.75”)/min 300m(11.81”)/min
Machine Width 2,200mm (86.61”), 2,500mm (98.43”), 2,800mm (110.24”) 1,800mm (70.87”), 2,000mm (78.74”), 2,200mm (86.61”), 2,500mm (110.24”)
  • Idler rolls
  • Short press loading pressure control device
  • Automatic and pneumatic constant tensional belt tightener
  • Preheat roll with belt type driving device for bottom liner(450mm dia.)
  • Automatic steam temperature control device
  • New Steam Chest (Energy-saving Type)

Specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice and without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.