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Stacker model 69J

High speed/Small lot stacker was developed with Shizuoka Koki. Minmum order change cycle is only 8 seconds!

69J Stacker


Slide horizontally to see the table.

Machine Type 69J Stacker
Max Machine Speed 400m(15.75")/min
Machine Width 1,800mm (70.87"), 2,000mm (78.74"), 2,200mm (86.61"), 2,500mm (98.43")
Max. Sheet Stacking
1,800mm (70.87")
Min. Stacking
Sheet Width
260mm (10.24")
Range of Stacking
Sheet Length
500-3,000mm (19.69"-118.11")
Min. Stacking
Cycle Time
8.0sec (No palette, No plywood)
9.0sec (Palette, Plywood) (note 1)
  • Dual suction typed order separator
  • Center stacking control
  • Back stop controlled by AC servo-motor
  • Deflector type waste sheet removal device
  • Max. stacking sheet length 4,000mm
  • Cross conveyor for waste sheet removal
  • Auto pallet supplying device
  • Auto plywood supplying device
  • 1Cycle time above is subject to change depends on layouts and plywood/palette feeding devie.
  • 2For 2,500mm machine, min. stacking cycle time is 9.0sec (No palette, No plywood), and 10sec (Palette, Plywood).

Specifications and designs are subject to change without prior notice and without any obligation on the part of manufacturer.