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Introduction[ Rubber & Tire Machinery ]

Tire manufacturing involves a complicated production system requiring many steps such as the mixing of raw rubber with carbon and chemicals, the molding of various types of rubber sheets into the shape of an object, the curing of the rubber into its finished form under heat, and ultimately the inspection of the tire's quality.

The production plants, meanwhile, must be equipped to produce tires of many types, from tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses to tires for agricultural machinery, extra-large construction machinery, racing cars, and aircraft.

Image of rubber and tires

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems manufactures and sells tire manufacturing equipment that meets all customer needs. The major facilities used for our production systems to produce tires have won the fullest confidence of customers all over the world. We have established a firm position as a leading global tire machinery manufacturer, maintaining the world's largest share in the hydraulic curing press market.

Beyond customers in the tire industry, we also serve manufacturers of industrial rubber products such as industrial rubber gaskets and anti-vibration rubber. We have supplied many high-performance mixers (rubber-kneading apparatus) and curing equipment systems tailored to our clients' applications.

Image of rubber and tires