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Manufacturing Industry (rubber product manufacturing, chemical industry, and others)

Quality Improvement, Productivity Enhancement

Quality improvement of rubber/tire products

The demand for rubber/tire products of improved quality and productivity has been strongly growing in the last few years. Our internal mixer is equipped with a rotor which has a unique wing contour different from that of conventional rotors and drastically enhances the quality and productivity of rubber products. Customers can visit our development center to try out any of the several internal mixers we set up on permanent display for demonstration use.

  • Products and Service

    Guidance (directory) on our internal mixers for demonstration use

    Various internal mixers are set up on permanent display for demonstration use. Why not visit our center to try them out?

  • We recommend our products to customers who want to:

    • Enhance the physical properties of their rubber products.
    • Improve their rubber manufacturing and processing processes.