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Engine Valve Control System[ Test Equipment ]

Develop Next-Generation Engine

Photograph of the Engine Valve Control System
High-Speed Valve Lift Control

This engine development tool enables high-speed valve lift control by adopting a highly responsive hydraulic actuator.


  • Contributes to the Development of Advanced Engines

    Capable of developing advanced engines with features such as variable valve lift timing, combined cycle (proper use in multi-cycle load ranges such as HCCI, etc.), a next-generation valve drive system, etc.

  • Improves the Level of Optimization

    Multiple engines can be operated by changing the valve lift patterns in the same setup to enable optimization development within short periods for small budgets.

  • Shortens Development Periods

    The cost and period for trial manufacturing are significantly reduced by eliminating the need to change the cam setup.

Application Items

  • Diesel engine (single cylinder, multi-cylinder)
  • Gasoline engine

System Image

Illustration of the Engine Valve Control System (EVC)