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Engine Test Cell[ Test Equipment ]

Photograph of the Engine Test Cell

Low-acoustic noise, high-performance test cell corresponding to a large jet engine in the maximum thrust force (140,000 lbs.) class.

This large-scale test cell will ensure unparalleled work efficiency in stabilized operation tests for the coming generations of larger-sized jet airliner engines.
Our company delivered the world's largest test cells to the engine maintenance company (SIAEC) of Singapore Airlines (SIA) in June 1999. This test cell has the capacity to test a jet engine with a maximum thrust force of 150,000 lbs.


  • Stable Supply of a Large Flow of Air

    An original intake system capable of stably and smoothly delivering the large flow of air required for engine operation, from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems.

  • Optimal Layout Design

    Optimal layout design for conveying, installing, and operating the engine during the test.

  • Thorough Sound Isolation

    Thorough sound isolation system to control audible sounds and low-frequency air vibration during operation.

  • High-Efficiency Engine Operation

    High-efficiency engine operation and data measurement & processing by computerized control.

Test Cell delivered to the Haneda Airplane Maintenance Facility of All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA)