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Principal Performance of the Motor Vehicle Collision Simulator

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Basic Specification Item Specification Value Remarks
Front face collision simulation Payload Max. 2,000 kg White body, surface plate, measuring instruments, etc.
Firing accelaration Max. 80 G When payload of 1,500 kg is equipped
Firing velocity Max. 25m/s = 90 km/h
Simplified side impact simulation Door Firing accelaration Max. 85 G to min. -30 G When the maximum payload of 750kg is equipped
Door Firing velocity 16m/s at maximum
Side face collision simulation Load weight 2,000 kg at maximum Equivalent to MDB (FMVSS)
Impact velocity 21m/s at maximum Speed at MDB displacement of 3,000 mm

Examples of Frontal Test Results

The acceleration waveform of a real car crash test can be faithfully reproduced from the first shoot.

Graphs plotting Frontal Test Results