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Large-Scale Low-Noise Wind Tunnel[ Test Equipment ]

Large-scale low-noise wind tunnel for the advanced aerodynamic noise measurement of railway vehicle models and passenger cars.

Photograph of the Large-Scale Low-Noise Wind Tunnel

Wind tunnel for high accurate aero-acoustic measurements of train models and full scale automobiles.
With the air flow noise reduction equipment (Patent Number 03442883 in Japan), achieves the world's quietest back ground noise level 75dBA in the test section.


Slide horizontally to see the table.

Type Horizontal Gottingen type
Type of test section Open, Close
Test section 3×2.5×8m (Open type)
5×3×20m (Closed type)
Max. air speed 400km/h (Open type)
300km/h (Closed type)
Back ground noise level 75dB(A) at 300km/h
Moving belt ground Plane W2.7m×L60m×60m/s
Open type test section
Closed type test section
Main Fan (Downstream)